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Baltic Amber Jewelry, Decor, & Imports From Poland

The rich history of amber, from its humble beginnings as a sticky resin in an amber-producing forest through to the semiprecious pebble found on the beach, all add up to create the unique charm of Polish Baltic amber.

  • Amber Jewelry

    Polish Amber and Silver Jewelry

    Classic Polish jewelry in all its charm and variety, all thanks to Poland’s native gemstone.

  • Books on Amber

    We carry a large selection of books on Amber. Today amber artifacts can be found in various world famous collections, but its origin is quite precisely limited to a few historical production centers focused around the Baltic Sea.
  • Amber Lamps

    We are proud to offer a unique selection of lamps that incorporate pieces of amber.  These lamps are handcrafted in Poland.  Pick up that special gift today!
  • Amber Rosaries And Crosses

    If you are looking for that special religious gift, then may we suggest an amber rosary or cross?  These are handmade in the Baltic region of Poland, and are sure to please your loved ones!  Or, check out our selection and get one for yourself!
  • Amber Specialties

    We carry a large selection of amber specialties such as good luck trees, thimbles and other collectable items.

Imported Amber From Poland and Its Rich History

The Polish Art Center has curated a unique selection of amber goods that will make beautiful additions to any collector’s amber treasure trove, or any of these items could easily be a meaningful gift for a loved one. Among the lavish amber stones and beads are amber encrusted candles, crosses, lamps, and Baltic amber jewelry pieces such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, pins, cufflinks, tie bars, and beyond. These notable amber imports are accompanied by a handful of books detailing the charm, history, and special healing properties of amber, much like “Amber in Poland and in the World.” With centuries of experience perfecting their craft, Polish amber craftspeople continue to maintain their reputation by delivering one-of-a-kind handcrafted amber art and collectibles. Many items we carry in-house are uniquely handcrafted items that vary in shape and color, only adding to the fascinating allure of precious amber. All of our amber is directly imported from the Baltic city of Gdansk, Poland.

As for the rich history of amber (“bursztyn” in Polish), it is fossilized tree sap that dates back 40 million years. It comes from all around the world, but the highest quality and richest deposits are found around the Baltic Sea. During the colder months, when water density reaches its highest point, amber floats up from the seabed and is washed to shore by the waving sea. Amber is the only fossil resin that contains 3 to 8% succinic acid, a multipurpose therapeutic substance that was prescribed by early physicians for headaches, heart problems, arthritis, and a variety of other ailments. In ancient times it was carried by travelers for protection. Source: Amber - Treasure of the Ancient Seas, Sadyba, 1996.