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A Polish Christmas Eve - Traditions And Recipes, Decorations And Song  A quick and easy reference, Step-by-step guide and International collection of folklore stories, recipes, carols and decorations with never before published photos A Polish Christmas Eve - Traditions And Recipes, Decorations And Song

By Rev. Czeslaw Michal Krysa, S.L.D

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Art Of Lithuanian Cooking - New Paperback Edition! By Maria Gieysztor de Gorgey. This favorite cookbook includes over 150 authentic Lithuanian recipes. Art Of Lithuanian Cooking

by Maria Gieysztor de Gorgey

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This is the touching story of the wife of one of the greatest Polish poster artists of the 20th century. It is the story of growing up in Poland during the 1960's and 70's, the struggles of living there and the couples eventual exit to the West.  Intersp At Hanka's Table

by Hanka Sawka with Hanna Maria Sawka

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Reflects the food traditions of Czech Americans. A special section features traditional Christmas favorites of pioneer Czech families. Good old favorites including kolaches. Cherished Czech Recipes

Collected by Pat Martin

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We present the reader with a translation of the oldest Polish cookbook - Compendium ferculorum or Collection Of Dishes, written by Stanislaw Czarniecki, the Master Cook to the Voivode of Krakow, Prince Aleksander Michalk Lubomirski, and published in Krako Compendium Ferculorum Or Collection Of Dishes

Oldest Cookbook from 1682

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A 160 page booklet containing recipies collected by The Museum Guild of the National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library.  Topics include: kolaches, cakes, rolls, breads, bisquits, cookies and puddings. Czech & Slovak Kolaches & Sweet Treats

Collected by The Museum Guild of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

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This book celebrates Czech culture, history, and traditional foods and recipes. You’ll find information about Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, as well as historic sites and museums in Prague. Czech Touches - The Czech Book

By Pat Martin

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A cookbook of doughs and fillings for the preparation of Traditional Slavic Filled Dumplings and Filled cookies. Filled Dumplings And Filled Cookies... Slavic Style

Spiral Bound

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The beautifully illustrated album cookbook features the recipes of Poland’s most celebrated chefs, such as Wojciech Modest Amaro, Karol Okrasa, Paweł Oszczyk, Marek Widomski and Dariusz Strucinski. Fine Polish Cuisine. All the Flavours Of The Year

By Jan Łoziński

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Theres so much more to Polish food than kielbasa and schnitzel: Poland is home to beautiful fruits, vegetables, and grainsand a rich cooking tradition that makes the most of them Fresh From Poland - New Vegetarian Cooking From The Old Country

By Michael Korkosz

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The beautifully illustrated album cookbook features the recipes of Poland’s most celebrated chefs, such as Wojciech Modest Amaro, Karol Okrasa, Paweł Oszczyk, Marek Widomski and Dariusz Strucinski. From a Polish Country House Kitchen: 90 Recipes for the Ultimate Comfort Food

By Anne Applebaum And Danielle Crittendon
Photographs By Bogdan & Dorota Bialy

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This publication is a collection of traditional holiday recipes belonging to farm wives from all over Mazovia (central Poland including the Warsaw area). These include recipes that have graced the tables of our ancestors since time immemorial. Holiday Cookery - Kuchnia świąteczna

Culinary Traditions Of Mazovia, Poland

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Today's LIthuanian kitchen has adapted many dishes and spices from other regions of the world.  It has also modernized its own recipes, retaining their Lithuanian origin and flavor.  Traditional dishes based on local products, grains, fruits and spices do Lithuanian Cooking

By Biruta Markuza

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As you browse through this book you will find many simple and colorful dishes prepared with home produced products. Fruit and vegetables add life and distinction to Polish and Ukrainian cuisine. Meal Time Favourites Polish and Ukrainian Cuisine

By Rosie Olenick and Debora Hagel

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If you like Russian/Slavic cooking you will enjoy this book. Not sure why the title mentions Polish cuisine as there does not appear to be any recipes identified as specifically Polish. Meal Time Favourites - Russian & Polish Cuisine

by R. Olenick and D. Hagel

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This cookbook comes from Alberta, Canada, home to a large group of Ukrainian immgrants who settled their after World War II.  Like their counterparts in the US they continue to practice their traditions.  Over 300 recipes. Meal Time Favourites - The Best in Ukrainian Cuisine

by R. Olenick and D. Hagel

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A cookbook and a history of Polish culinary customs. Short essays cover subjects like Polish hospitality, holiday traditions, even the exalted status of the mushroom. The recipes are traditional family fare. Old Polish Traditions in the Kitchen and at the Table

by Maria Lemnis and Henryk Vitry

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Over 850 mouth-watering recipes drawn from the author's Polish childhood. Dishes are presented by category, with a special section on Holiday foods and customs. Throughout the text, piquant anecdotes and charming line drawings relate Poland's cuisine to i Old Warsaw Cookbook

by Rysia

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Polska brings you a revolutionary style of cooking, taking you on a culinary journey through Poland's national dishes and folkloric roots. Pierogi : Over 50 Recipes to Create Perfect Polish Dumplings

By Zuza Zak
Photography By Ola O. Smit
Illustrations By Rhi Moxon

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Casey Barber’s tribute to the pierogi includes everything from the classic Polish cheddar and potato filling to the American-inspired Rueben pierogi and “Santa Fe-rogi,” and even a world tour with falafel and crab Rangoon. Sweet fillings include sour cher Pierogi Love : New Takes On An Old-World Comfort Food

By Casey Barber

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Mini cookbook of traditional Polish recipes, full of information about culture and foods, sites and more. Pleasing Polish Recipes

by Jacek and Malgorzata Nowakowski

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Here is Poland's cuisine as you've never seen it before! Brenard Lussiana, Executive Chef of Warsaw's celebrated Hotel Bristol, has taken tradtional Polish dishes and reinterpreted them in fresh, sophisticated and delicious new ways. Poland's Gourmet Cuisine

Bernard Lussiana and Mary Pininska

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No traditional Polish feast is complete without a sweet ending. As simple and inviting as a warm chestnut cookie or as elegant as a tall mocha torte, classic Polish desserts are rich in heritage and in flavor. Polish Classic Desserts

By Laura and Peter Zeranska
Photography By Bob Rock

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Polish cookbook contains recipes for all the traditional favorites enjoyed on Poland for more than a thousand years. Special holiday menus are among the 500 recipes given - with notes on customs and the origin of some of the historic dishes. Polish Classic Recipes

by Laura and Peter Zeranska

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Poland's best-selling cookbook published in 1911 adapted for American kitchens. Includes recipes for Mushroom-Barley soup, Cucumber Salad, Bigos, Cheese Pierogi, and Almond Babka. Polish Cookery

by Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa

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