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The novelty of this Prayer book is its bilingual character. It aims at meeting the needs of the present generation who may have some difficulty in understanding the Polish language, especially young people who nevertheless wish to pray with their parents Abba Pater Modlitewnik - Polish English Prayer Book

Polish - English Prayer Book - Polsko - Angielski Modlitewnik

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This lavishly illustrated volume covers the period from the 17th-19th centuries and focuses on the tableware in use by the Polish nobility.  Fine porcelain, crystal, glassware, silverware and even various cooking untensils.  In Polish language only. Dawne Zastawy Stolowe - Historical Polish Tableware

By Teresa Jablonska

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This prayerbook is divided into two sections.  The first 323 pages is a prayer book; pages 325 to 782 is a songbook (only words - no notes - the publisher assumes old folks are familiar enough with the tunes that they don't need the notes).  Text size is Droga Do Nieba - Modlitewnik Dla Osob Starszych - The Road To Heaven - A Prayer Book For Old Folks

Compact Polish Language Prayer book

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This richly illustrated Polish language album begins a series of publications about the origin and meaning of popular prayers. Godzinki - Album

Polish Language Text

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Homilie Smolenskie Homilie Smolenskie

Polish Language Text

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The album features the most beautiful icons in Polish collections. Masterpieces of Eastern Church art dating from the 15th to 18th centuries, unique depictions of Christ Pantocrator, Mother of God, representations of saints. Icons. The Most Beautiful Icons In The Polish Collections - Ikony. Najpiękniejsze ikony w zbiorach

Barbara Dąb-Kalinowska  (introduct.
Prof. Władysław Pluta  (graphic design)
Janusz Rosikoń  (repr.)
Teresa Bałuk-Ulewiczowa  (trans.)

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Jasna Gora - Sanctuary of the Mother of God - Guide Jasna Gora Shrine Of Our Lady Of Jasna Gora Guide (Czestochowa)

by Jerzy Tomzinski And Jan Golonka

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Latin Mass in Honor of St. Michael the Archangel Latin Mass in Honor of St. Michael the Archangel - Msza Lacinska Ku Czci Sw. Michala Archaniola By Feliks Raczkowski

Polish Language Introduction and English Notations With The Music.

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Lolek The Boy Who Became Pope John Paul II - This book makes a perfect gift for First Holy Communion or Confirmation!  Beautifully illustrated on glossy paper with a hard cover. Lolek The Boy Who Became Pope John Paul II

Mary Hramiec Hoffman and Mark Hoffman
And Signed By The Authors

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Midnight Mass - Msza Pasterska composed by Roman Maciejewski. Musical Notes for a complete Christmas Eve Mass with Polish Christmas carols in Polish and English text. Pastoral Christmas Mass And Koledy Notebook - Msza Pasterska

Music Notebook

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Pastoralki I and II (Two Books) - Christmas Carol Preludes for Organ Op. 63 and 67 By Stefan and Mieczyslaw Surzynski. Musical Notes for Organ. Pastoralki I and II - Christmas Carol Preludes for Organ Op. 63 and 67

Set Of Two Note Books
Polish Language Introduction
43 pages - Note Book 1
54 pages - Note Book 2
Soft cover

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Pismo Swiete - Holy Bible Pismo Swiete - Holy Bible

Polish Catholic Bible - Old and New Testament

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Polish Catholic Bible - Old and New Testament.  Written in Polish and published in Poland. Pismo Swiete - Holy Bible - Compact Edition

Polish Catholic Bible - Old and New Testament

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This album has been created for those who would like a glance at Poland in the context of the places lived, visited and trails that Saint John Paul II took during his life. Poland. Following the Paths of Saint John Paul II

By Mirek And Magda Osip-Pokrywka

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For the very first time art pieces from the collections of many Polish museum have been gathered together in one complete exhibition.  The goal was to represent pilgrims in their journey to God. Polski Pielgrzym - The Polish Pilgim

English Text Translated By Jolanta Maczka

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On the 30th of April 2000, Sister Faustina Kowalska, a humble daughter of Poland, was Canonized by Pope John Paul II. This book gives us the picture of Sr. Faustina, an account of her life, her spiritual formation and her life in Christ. Jesus told Sister Saint Sister Faustina: Her Life and Mission

by Maria Tarnawska

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