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Pysanky Eggs

Pysanky / Pisanki symbolizes the promise of life’s reviving force and the hope that Christians strengthen their faith through the celebration of the resurrection. It is an important part of Polish and Ukrainian culture as it is often exchanged among family members on Easter Sunday as a sign of friendship, much like the sharing of Oplatek (Christmas Wafer) on Christmas Eve. Making these special designs that fill up beautiful baskets creates warm memories which last long after Easter has passed by.

Polish Art Center proudly offers traditional, handmade Polish and Ukrainian pre-decorated pysanky eggs that are available in crystal, porcelain, wood, and glass ornaments, and if you’d like to DIY, we also carry pysanky decorating kits and offer egg decorating classes at our Hamtramck location. Our unique Easter egg painting kit includes the tools and accessories you need to bring the timeless tradition of holiday egg decorating into your home. With our Pysanky kit, you will receive a set of expertly crafted wax drawing pins, dyes with instruction leaflets, and a Polish cloth for resting your eggs during the process! All of these items are expertly hand-crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and authenticity.
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    Handmade Pisanki Eggs

    For a beautiful and one-of-a-kind piece of art, look no further than the Polish Art Center. Our hand-crafted and decorated Easter eggs, known as Pisanki or Pysanky, are sure to become treasured additions to any home. These artisan creations are made with great care and attention to detail, using glass, wood, and wax relief for chicken, duck, turkey, goose, and ostrich eggs. Their colors and patterns represent centuries of Polish and Ukrainian artistry that has been passed down through generations. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for yourself or a meaningful gift for someone special in your life, these Polish treasures will be cherished for years to come. Visit the Polish Art Center today to explore our exclusive collection of unique works.
  • Profits to Ukrainian Aid

    We sold out of the eggs! but here are some links for donations that we have been advised are good:

    Helping Poland help Ukraine

    By Robert Strybel, Warsaw Correspondent

    Many Polish Americans have extended a helping hand to the people of war-torn Ukraine by donating to local Ukrainian Catholic and Orhtodox parishes, Urkainian-American cultural centers, associations and clubs in their area. But not everybody knows where to turn and how to go about it.

    Ryszard Walawender, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Detroit, has provided a list of charities recommended by the Polish Government. They provide assistance to refugees who have made it over to Poland as well as those remaining under siege in Ukraine.

    Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej (PCPM) - (info in English)

    lPolska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH) - (info in English)

    lCaritas Polska -

    lFundacja Ocalenie - reset=1&id=3&lang=en (info in English)

    lPolski Czerwony Krzyż (PCK) - (Polish Red Cross)info also in English)

    lPolska Misja Medyczna / Polish Medical Mission - (info in English)


    Polish Dominicans helping Ukraine

    Dear Ray and Joan,
    Here is a link to our province website that has a 14-minute YouTube video of an interview by Fr. Lukasz, who was pastor of the Newman Center for the University of Utah in Salt Lake City for 4 years (where I was pastor for 5 years before him), interviewing a Polish Dominican who has been serving the people in 4 different cities in Ukraine for 20 years, about what is happening in Ukraine, and what the Dominicans are doing. You will see a moment when the Dominican get s emotional and has to collect himself before continuing. Fr. Lukasz begins and ends in English, and although the interview is in Polish, click the cc at the bottom of the screen and you get captions for English translation.

    This is also a donation page that was launched last Tuesday, and as of Thursday, our province and our benefactors had donated $280,000. Donations have been pouring in every day, so I don't know what it is up to now, but this shows how much our people and all of us in the U.S. care about the horror that the people of Ukraine are enduring now.

    We have been receiving updates about the situation on the ground directly from Fr. Jaroslaw Krawiec, OP, in Kyiv, Ukraine. You can read them as they arrive below.
    Scrolling down below the video, you will see:
    Messages from Fr. Jaroslaw Krawiec, OP, in Kyiv
    Fr. Jaroslaw is in Kyiv and is telling details of what is happening each day. This gives a first-hand experience to us who only see what's on the news, but here is someone living there and experiencing it in real time.

    You can share this with others who might be interested to hear about what our Dominicans are doing and the real life situation there.

    Fr. Peter Rogers, OP, President
    Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
    2301 Vine St. Berkeley, CA 94708
  • Egg Decorating Workshop

    Learn the art of making pisanki (pysanky)
  • Wooden

    Handcrafted Wooden Eggs

    The Polish Art Center offers an array of beautiful, hand-painted wooden Easter eggs from Poland. There are many different designs to choose from based on the traditional Polish artistic style, making each piece unique and eye-catching. These vibrant Polish pisanki have intricate details that will stand out against any decor. The quality is exceptional and cannot be found anywhere else!
    By purchasing one of the amazing works from the Polish Art Center, you can bring a bit of European culture and artistry into your home this season. Perfect for decorative or gifting purposes, these wooden egg pieces are simply stunning!
At Polish Art Center, we understand how important tradition is to everyone – so come celebrate Easter adorned in its full glory with a personalized touch this year making Polish art come alive through our Pysanky kits and pre-decorated Polish and Ukrainian Easter eggs!