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Stop The Diversion Of Existing Funds From Housing Trust Funds

Over the last 10 years, Florida government has diverted over $2 billion out of existing affordable housing trust funds, and spent it on other unrelated projects. To make the process more accountable, Floridians are proposing a constitutional amendment that would put affordable housing funds in a lock box so they are used for affordable housing, and nothing else.


Keep Housing Funds For Housing

This amendment would guarantee that the portion of the taxes charged on documents like deeds and mortgages will only be used to make homes and apartments safer and more affordable for seniors, low-income, and moderate-income Florida residents. The intended purpose of these funds is that they be used for housing programs, but for nearly two decades the legislative process has resulted in billions of these dollars being used for non-housing projects.

Voting YES for the amendment would make sure these funds only go to affordable housing projects— but first, we need to get the amendment on the ballot!

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Hardworking families need your help to make Florida home. Sign the petition to get the Affordable Housing amendment on the ballot!


How the Sadowski Fund helps YOU make Florida Home

What Is The Sadowski Fund?

In 1992, seeing the ever increasing need for affordable housing, the Florida Legislature, along with community partners such as REALTORS® and housing advocates, passed the Sadowski Act. This established a fund to aid affordable workforce housing programs throughout the state. Those monies are placed in the housing trust funds, which can be used by local governments to increase their stock of affordable workforce housing.

Is the Sadowski fund related to Section 8 housing?

No, the two programs serve different portions of the workforce. The federal government provides money for rental assistance for very low-income people through the Section 8 program. The Sadowski funds are a state-funded initiative that help Floridians achieve the dream of homeownership through things like down payment and closing cost assistance.

How Do Sadowski Funds Affect You?

As Florida continues to grow and our workforce expands, the need for affordable workforce housing will only increase. Without an increased supply of affordable housing, hardworking Floridians will be priced out of an already expensive housing market. Sadowski funds provide a path to affordable housing.

Does This Increase Taxes?

No, this amendment does not increase taxes or create new taxes. It simply requires that already existing funds for affordable housing are actually spent on housing.

What Are The Economic Impacts Of Affordable Housing Funds?

Sadowski funds also impact job growth throughout Florida. Every year, thousands of jobs are created in order to meet the state’s affordable housing needs. If Sadowski funds were not diverted to non-housing projects and used to fully fund housing programs, roughly 33,000 jobs would be created this coming year with a positive economic impact of $4.4 billion on Florida’s economy.

How Is The System Currently Set Up?

Every year, a certain percentage of funds from documentary stamp taxes is collected for affordable housing purposes. Out of those funds, 65% is used to help Floridians achieve the dream of homeownership and 35% is used for affordable rental properties.

What’s The Problem?

While the Sadowski fund is meant as a catalyst for affordable workforce housing, there is no statute in Florida law that prevents using those funds for other purposes. This “redirection” of funds has become a common occurrence, with over $2.6 billion used for non-housing purposes since the trust funds were established.

What Can You Do?

Florida has a serious affordable housing crisis on its hands and Floridians are tired of seeing these much-needed housing funds being used for other things. They are proposing a constitutional amendment which protects money deposited in those trust funds from being used for non-housing purposes. Funds will be expended only to address affordable housing access and availability, including funding of programs addressing new construction, down payment and closing cost assistance, rehabilitation, and financing for affordable housing development.